Women's health clinics?

Consider making a financial donation in memory of or in honor of someone who has influenced your life or the lives of women in your community. If you need help managing menopause, pelvic conditions, or cancer risk factors, we'll work together to develop the treatment plan that's right for you. Making Healthy Choices has received grants from the Indiana State Department of Health, the Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF), the Women's Philanthropy Leadership Council and others to improve the health of Indiana women. The National Center of Excellence in Women's Health outreach program includes the Women's Wellness on Wheels program that reaches women where they work and live to provide free health assessments, including BMI, blood pressure and blood sugar.

Through the Making Healthy Choices program, just one of the center's many programs, about 6,000 women have had free health screenings. Planned Parenthood provides vital reproductive health care, sex education and information to millions of people around the world. Nurse Practitioners discuss participants' screening results and the lifestyle questionnaire to educate them on how to make healthy choices throughout their lives and address underlying barriers to success, such as domestic violence and mental health. The Center's mission is to improve the health of Indiana women and their families through collaboration, outreach and education.

We offer a wide range of personalized gynecological services, including women's health physical exams, screening, urgent care for pelvic pain, and treatments for gynecological diseases. Donations to the Center of Excellence in Women's Health make a difference in the lives of those served in the center's outreach programs, the Women of Influence initiative, leadership programs, and educational programs. This has led to an 85 percent increase in contraceptive and cardiovascular knowledge and a 78 percent connection rate between women and community resources, such as medical, nutrition and insurance resources. Through the program, women improve access to health care, increase their knowledge of healthy behaviors, and are connected to local resources.

We serve 30,000 women annually from 34 centers in 12 states, including Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania %26 Wisconsin. The National Center of Excellence (NCoE) in Women's Health is a program of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Indiana University School of Medicine.

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